8 Things (Sketches 1-3) (2015)

8 Things (Sketches 1-3) invites you to participate in a reconfigured ethics of things, where functionality gives way to a more poetic engagement with material objects and where the mutually constitutive exchange between people and things is brought into focus.
An encounter between bodies and things; between some things and other things; between matter and matter.
8 Things (Sketches 1-3) is created and performed by Elise Nuding and represents the initial explorations of a new phase in an ongoing research enquiry into the complicated, messy relationships between humans and things and their potential for choreographic and performance practices. This research was undertaken during a month’s residency at Atelier Re.Al (Lisbon) as part of the Culture@Work project organised by the Lisbon Consortium.
These initial explorations were shared at Atelier Re.Al as part of their Matéria Bruta (Raw Matter) programme for works-in-progress on 6th May, 2015.