Elise Nuding is an independent dance artist—a mover and a thinker—whose creative practice includes performance, choreography, and writing.


“Working within and around the frameworks of practice-based research, I consider practice and theory to be intrinsically linked—a position I am still trying to untangle the implications of. In the meantime, I continue to be inspired by the intelligence, vulnerability, and unpredictability of the dancing body .

At present my research is composed of three strands: the entanglement of people and material things; intersections between writing and dance; and improvisation in/as performance. At times these strands overlap and at times they diverge, and the research unfolds through studio exploration, workshops/open lab sessions, verbal dialogue, and critical/reflective writing.

Originally from the UK, I started working professionally in 2010 and hold an MA with Distinction from London Contemporary Dance School and BA in Archaeology from Brown University. I have lived in Stockholm since 2015 working as a dancer/choreographer/writer/teacher/performer, negotiating my status as an independent artist exploring what artistic research is and can be outside of the academy through my association with Weld. In addition to performing and making dance both individually and collaboratively, I write reflectively and critically—both about my own practice and about the wider constellation of dance practices I encounter—and my writing has been published in a range of academic journals and independent/artist-led publications.”



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