Sounding lines (2018)

Sounding lines attends to the complex shifts and constant reformulation of bodies, working with/in/between human bodies, non-human bodies and bodies of language. Stemming from the affective-associative qualities of two particular material things—the sounding lines that give the work its nameSounding lines creates a situation in which one specific entanglement of bodies unfolds.



Photos by Marit Fogelgren/Dotra Productions


Sounding lines emerged from a research mash-up of previous enquiries and is an evolution of practices initially explored in 8 Things (Sketches 1-3). Sounding lines was developed during research residencies at Weld and c.off, and will have its first public presentation at Weld on 4th February 2018 as part of the 3rd edition of the festival ‘Talking & Props.’

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