An Arcade Project, Installed (2012)

In March 2012, An Arcade Project was re-imagined as an installation as part of the American Dance Legacy Initiative’s Mini-fest in the Granoff Centre for Creative Arts, Providence. This was an exciting opportunity to revisit the project, reflect on the ideas and themes, and re-mediate the material.

For more information, see the entries on the project blog regarding An Arcade Project, Installed:

Next Steps

An Arcade Project, Installed

Installation Notes

Long, convoluted, and overdue reflections on an installation

An Arcade Project, Installed was created by Elise Nuding, Seung Chan Lim and Adj Marshall, curated by Emily McCartan and the American Dance Legacy Intiative, and presented by the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. Many thanks to all involved for their help.

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