here: ravelled/unravelled (2014)

‘To ravel’ is to untangle, unwind, to separate out. The inherent contradiction in this word– ravel and unravel are both synonyms and antonyms of one another– is resolved through the roots of the word in sewing and weaving: as threads are unwoven, they get tangled. 

here: ravelled/unravelled is a site-specific work that explores opening up the often tightly woven identity of place. Place is rarely as stable and bounded as it is sometimes perceived to be, and as the threads of one identity become looser, space for other identities is created. Here, in the spaces between these threads, new possibilities for what this place has been, is, might have been, or could still be begin to emerge, guided into being by memory, body, and imagination.

here: ravelled/unravelled was created in and performed at Dark Matter Studio, 38 Elcho Street, London.



here: ravelled/unravelled was created by Elise Nuding and performed by Tim Clark and Kostas Papamatthaiakis.