Right. Left, right. Left. Right…left (2013)

‘All stories are true. But some of them never happened.’—James A. Owen

Right. Left, right. Left. Right…left explores following pathways, even if those pathways no longer seem to exist. Created for and performed in Granary Square, Kings Cross, London in February 2013 this work took the defunct rail tracks preserved in the new Kings Cross development as a starting point for exploring the history of the area and connection between pathways and stories.

Without people and things constantly creating the pathway with their movements and presence, can the pathway really be said to exist? What does it mean to once again follow and reactivate these pathways, which once led somewhere but are now fragmented, cut-off, and surrounded by new orientations and destinations? Pathways tell stories; they are stories. But where is the line between stories and histories, between memory, imagination, and reality?  Like the material remains, these stories do not go from A to B, or from beginning to end, but the fragments still relate.


Right. Left, right. Left. Right…left was created by Elise Nuding and performed by Tim CJ Chew, Daniela Molina, Konstantina Skalionta, Katie Webster, Nicole West, and Gracie Whyte. Photos by Elise Nuding and Erik Nuding. Many thanks to Brigitte Brown and the team at King’s Cross Visitor Centre for their assistance in making this project happen.