My teaching experience includes facilitating classes and workshops for professional dancers and B.A. students, both in the UK and Sweden. I am currently teaching at DOCH and Balettakademien, Stockholm. If you are interested in having me lead any classes/workshops, please do get in touch.


My class is geared towards professional/advanced practitioners and works towards stimulating and awakening the senses, drawing on release-based techniques to access greater clarity and freedom of movement. Combining individual and partner dancing, and set material and improvisation, we encourage a greater awareness both of our own bodies and their environments, and of the shifting connections between them.


I am currently leading and developing workshops that emerge from, and form part of, my ongoing research into the relationship between people and things in relation to the dancing body. Bypassing the subject/object dichotomy to approach bodies and objects as things—as tangles of matter and energy—I am interested in probing the ways in which we can realign our understandings of our bodies, their environments, and the constantly shifting interchange between the two, as well as in the wider potentialities that this realignment may offer.



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