I teach regularly, with my experience spanning teaching in higher education, facilitating classes and workshops for professional dancers, and teaching in community settings/working with non-professional dancers and movers. My main teaching areas are technique class (release-based) and Contact Improvisation, and additionally I teach improvisation into performance, choreography/composition, and contextual studies relating to dance and somatic practices and dance history. I have taught regularly at Stockholm University of the Arts (formerly DOCH) and Balettakademien, Stockholm. I currently hold the position of lecturer in contemporary dance at the University of Gothenburg.

General class description:

We dance, working with an integrated mindbody system, cultivating sensation and awareness as fundamental elements of dancing through a combination of set and improvised material. We work from the skeleton, (re)locating specificity of connection in the body in order to facilitate greater clarity and freedom of movement. The focus is on both the physical specificity of the movement and the individual’s experience and expression of that specificity. We work from the premise that it is by tuning in to and increasing awareness of our complex somatic experience that our bodies become more available and more articulate, and our dancing more generous.