Shift, spin, warp, twine (2014)

Shift, spin, warp, twine taps into the imaginative spaces within material realities, following one person as she works to untangle. But often, the more you try to untangle something, the more tangled it becomes; in this messy, snarled place, human and object biographies start to both intertwine and to come undone. It’s a ropey business.

 “It is a rare pleasure in the performing arts to find a work that engages you in such a multi-sensory way.”—Caitlin McDonald, Everything Theatre

“An artist who can create a distinctive and thoughtful space on stage is onto something…It’s an introspective piece, but it’s intriguing.”—Lyndsey Winship, Resolution! Review

“There was a lot of substance in Nuding’s performance…[the work adds] welcome depth to the audience/performer relationship.”— Marianne Tuckman, Resolution! Review

 Photos by Judita Kuniskyte.
Created and performed by: Elise Nuding
Music: Original sound by Ehud Freedman; features sung variations of the contemporary folksong “Shift and spin” by Ewan McVicar and “The Rope Dance” (trad.).
Dramaturge: Robin Toller
Running time: 25 minutes


Shift, spin, warp, twine was originally commissioned by Wilton’s Music Hall, and has been performed at:

26.09.14: Wilton’s Music Hall, London
14.11.14: Forum Theatre, Chester
28.11.14: SLAP Intervention, York
15.01.15: Resolution!, The Place, London