An Arcade Project (2011)

An Arcade Project was created and performed in 2011 at the derelict Providence Arcade in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The project was funded by the Creative Arts Council of Brown University, and took place from July-November 2011, being subsequently re-imagined as an installation at the Granoff Centre for Creative Arts in Providence in March 2012.

The project drew on archival research and oral histories to create a piece of performance that sought to reframe this fascinating building as a site of lived activity. For more detailed information on this project please visit the project blog, which documented and reflected upon the process.

“The permeable boundary between performance space and sidewalk made for a particularly beautiful interaction between movement and the space that surrounds it” – Lizzie Feidelson, The College Hill Independent (full review here).

An Arcade Project was created by Elise Nuding and performed by Kelli Rae Adams, Natasha Brooks-Sperduti, Amy Burns, Nadia Hannan, Tim Simonds. Photos by Seung Chan Lim and Adj Marshall.

An Arcade Project was made possible through support from the Creative Arts Council of Brown University