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Learning Through Drinking (Tea)

In the interest of highlighting some of the threads that tie my various, seemingly separate pursuits together, I thought I’d re-post this light-hearted take on practice-as-research that I wrote for The English Tea Store blog a while back:

Tea Blog

When people hear the word “research” they might initially think of scientific experiments and test tubes, or of historians buried in archives, leafing through old documents and photographs. But “research” can also refer to the process of learning through doing. This mode of exploration, often called experiential research, is something that applies to my work of learning, creating, and performing dance, but I’ve also found it to be very relevant to that other pursuit in my life—tea.

Do a little experiential research with English Breakfast Tea No. 2 Do a little experiential research with English Breakfast Tea No. 2

Just like dance, tea drinking is an activity where the line between research and practice blurs. You learn through doing, which in this case means drinking tea! Consider the following examples:

Imagine seeing a green tea you’ve never heard of listed in a tea shop, or having it recommended by a friend. You might do some investigation to see what type of…

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