Residency with Insister Space at Skogen

In May 2021 the artist driven platform and organisation Insister Space, of which I am a member, were in residence at Skogen in Gothenburg. This was the continuation of a collaboration that has seen Insister Space in residency there during 2018 and 2019. This residency was originally planned for 2020 but was postponed twice dueContinue reading “Residency with Insister Space at Skogen”

Pandemic performances

Incredibly, despite the pandemic and all the cancelled and vanished work it has entailed, we managed to find a pinhole of opportunity in the relative lull of case numbers during early autumn that allowed us to perform Sadunära— a Contact Improvisation-based performance for 6-9 year olds produced by ZebraDans—at two international festivals. It was notContinue reading “Pandemic performances”

Within Practice 2020 festival

As part of Within Practice 2020, a collaboration between choreographer Björn Säfsten and Stockholm University of the Arts, I was part of a group of artists from INSISTER SPACE that organised and hosted two practice sharing sessions during the week. My specific contribution was a collaboration with Maia Means on the design and production ofContinue reading “Within Practice 2020 festival”

Board member for höjden

For 2020-21 I will be joining the board of Släktet Ekonomisk Förening, the organisation responsible for running the artist house höjden, located in Östberga, Stockholm. höjden was started in 2019 by a group of freelance artists and is an interdisciplinary artist-driven platform for production, context and daily work, primarily in dance, performance, and choreography, butContinue reading “Board member for höjden”

At Issue: höjden, October 2019

During a week in October I again had the opportunity to host the AT ISSUE* morning classes at höjden. I proposed some tasks to explore what I have previously termed the ‘somatic-linguistic’—that is, the way in which language is embodied and our (mind)bodies are enlanguaged. In other words, my proposals for this week were concerned with unraveling differentContinue reading “At Issue: höjden, October 2019”

At Issue: höjden, June 2019

During a week in June I had the opportunity to host the AT ISSUE* morning classes at höjden. I proposed an issue for the physical study circle that stems from my current research around anatomical language and the naming of bodies (working project title: Hollow the bones), and which worked with poeticizing and problematizing some of our somatic-linguistic entanglements. ProposingContinue reading “At Issue: höjden, June 2019”

Autumn residencies

etymologies anatomies spells recipes bones poem-scores labyrinths somatic-linguistic entities spirals creatures rewording kaleidoscopic unfoldings unleashing naming poeticizing problematizing authority not-origins tracing histories embodied entangled The autumn has seen me start to explore in the studio some things that have been germinating in thinking-writing spaces since the start of the year. During September 2018 I had aContinue reading “Autumn residencies”

Sounding Lines: Stockholm and London + reflections on…

After premiering Sounding lines at Weld in Stockholm during February 2018, it was interesting, and challenging, to re-meet the work several months later within the context of the Open Choreography Performance programme at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios. Sounding lines was performed at SDDS on 15th June 2018, as part of this performance evening: Performing the work that eveningContinue reading “Sounding Lines: Stockholm and London + reflections on…”