Sounding Lines: Stockholm and London + reflections on…

After premiering Sounding lines at Weld in Stockholm during February 2018, it was interesting, and challenging, to re-meet the work several months later within the context of the Open Choreography Performance programme at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios. Sounding lines was performed at SDDS on 15th June 2018, as part of this performance evening:

Performing the work that evening gave me a lot to reflect on in relation to the nature of solo work, and the multi-faceted labour (physical, emotional, pyscho-somatic, energetic) required to re-rehearse, re-find, and re-present a work based on an improvisation practice that, although choreographically structured, is highly variable and shifting. (Read: it was a lot of hard work for one performance. There is a real question here about how much work is worth doing, and for what).

Noticing how the body shows up differently in the practice.

Noticing about how the practice shows up differently in the body.

Noticing how sometimes the experience of the practice sits comfortably in companionship with the choreographic structures of the work (structures crafted with the aim of supporting the practice).

Noticing how at other times it doesn’t; noticing the practice rubbing up uncomfortably against choreographic structures that, instead of offering support, impose conditions, needs, and expectations on the practice at the core of the work.