Chapter published!

I am thrilled to share that after a very long publication process the edited volume Art and Dance in Dialogue: Body, Space, Object was published in November 2020. This interdisciplinary book brings together essays that consider how the body enacts social and cultural rituals in relation to objects, spaces, and the everyday, and how these are questioned, explored, and problematised through, and translated into dance, art, and performance.

My chapter in this book drew on sounding score, a research practice concerned with the entanglement of human and non-human bodies, to explore the contingency of dancing bodies and bodies of the dance. The chapter positions my studio explorations in dialogue with new materialist approaches to matter, particularly Karen Barad’s concept of ‘intra-actions,’ to provoke a more nuanced consideration of what was emerging from sounding score as it evolved.

A huge thanks to the editors who persevered with the process and to all the authors for their rich and varied contributions—what a great project to be part of!