At Issue: höjden, October 2019

During a week in October I again had the opportunity to host the AT ISSUE* morning classes at höjden. I proposed some tasks to explore what I have previously termed the ‘somatic-linguistic’—that is, the way in which language is embodied and our (mind)bodies are enlanguaged. In other words, my proposals for this week were concerned with unraveling different layers and thought patterns of voice and movement. The somatic-linguistic is an ongoing area of research in my practice, but I chose to propose things that I had not tried before, and as a group we decided on further proposals we wished to explore. This meant that the content of each meeting, and the week as a whole, was entirely shaped by those present. 

Here are some of the traces and articulations from the week:

At issue, okt 19

*AT ISSUE is a structure for morning classes organised by INSISTER SPACE that facilitates collective studies of artistic proposals. During each class members from the organisation INSISTER SPACE will host sessions during which a proposal (such as a question, task, theme or material) is put forth and then studied collectively. During these classes we will respond to the issue at hand, articulate and share experiences, leave traces and, in turn, see how the different proposals affect and contaminate each other throughout the week.