PARSE conference, University of Gothenburg

The 1st PARSE Biennial Research Conference on TIME will be happening 4-6 November, 2015 at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I am pleased to say that I have been asked to participate in the panel ‘Art as Method/Archaeology from Afar’ to provide a practicing artist’s perspective on the speakers’ exploration of the relationship of creative practice to the analysis of creative practice through time.

Here’s what the organisers of PARSE offer as a provocation/introduction to the theme of the conference:

“Time arguably has always been at the centre of the research initiatives of the natural sciences, of philosophy and of the many different practices of history and social criticism. However, time also occupies a central place for the curiosity and attention of artist researchers across all the arts. The intensification of the question of time has, in recent years, prompted some to speak of a “temporal turn” across the disciplines. This conference seeks to bring together a range of researchers, drawn mainly from the artistic fields but also inviting researchers from across all disciplines to consider questions with respect to the practices, processes and perturbations of time.”

It should be a thought-provoking few days!