Weld residency: A chance to…

(This post is a chance to articulate my intention(s) for the periods I will be working at Weld during September/October.)

This residency is…

a chance to submerge myself in a few things I’ve left simmering on the back burner over the last year and a half.

a chance to bring three strands/facets of my research together to coexist and reconnect; although they have previously manifested themselves as three separate enquiries, they are all a part of the complex, interconnected web of things I’ve been investigating over the past two years. The three enquiries are: the dancing body in relation to material objects (things), words/text/writing in/as dancing, and scored improvisation.

a chance, in other words, to embark on something akin to a research mash-up.

a chance to: remap and retrace the connections in the studio (rather than through post-practice reflective writing); to observe the existing overlaps between the enquiries and find new ones; to reimagine the possibilities of the enquiries by throwing them into a melting pot; to let them seep into one another, bleeding and blending; to let them soak into one another and soak into me; to submerge myself in them to see what (re?)emerges.