An intervention in York

As one of the 6 artists selected and hosted by SLAP, I will be taking ‘Shift, spin, warp, twine’ to York on 28th November, 2014. Presented in a slightly different context to its previous incarnations in London and Chester, the solo will be reworked as an intervention into the public spaces of York for this event. HowContinue reading “An intervention in York”

New commission for Wilton’s Strike! Dance Festival

I am excited to announce (albeit a little belatedly) that I am one of the six choreographers commissioned to create a new work for Wilton’s Strike! Dance Festival, to be presented at the beautiful Wilton’s Music Hall on 26th September. Tickets are free and can be reserved through this link. The commissioned work will be a soloContinue reading “New commission for Wilton’s Strike! Dance Festival”